Chattanooga Arboretum & Nature Center Fall Native Plant Sale Friday, Sept 21-Sept 23

Goldenrod, also called End-of-Summer, is traditionally used as a tea to prevent colds and flus.

Three full days of fascinating talks and native plant walks accompany the annual Fall Native Plant Sale at the beautiful Chattanooga Aroboretum & Nature Center, Reflection Riding. This weekend’s weather will be the kind that makes September feel like a deep satisfying breath. Join me in enjoying the weather at 11am on Saturday while we walk and talk about the medicinal qualities of the native plants at the Arboretum. I’ll talk about how Southeastern Indians, Appalachian settlers, and Confederate doctors used some of the plants that grow around us.

Visit the Arboretum’s website for the full weekend schedule. Talk topics include funky mushrooms, tree ID, tall grass prairies, beneficial insects, and growing tips for native plants.

3 thoughts on “Chattanooga Arboretum & Nature Center Fall Native Plant Sale Friday, Sept 21-Sept 23

  1. Hi, I wanted to find out if you do consults for pets? I have a dog who is receiving conventional heartworm treatment and wanted to see if you have additional options

    1. Rita,
      I’m sorry to hear about your companion animal. I only work on my own dog. I would refer you to Dr. Colleen Smith, DVM at Chattanooga Holistic Animal Institute.
      All the Best,

      1. rita patel garcia 11/01/2012 — 11:54 am

        Thanks so much!

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