An Herbal Approach to Healing Chronic Heath Complaints such as Inflammation and Stress


September 14th, Saturday, 10-3pm

Learn how to heal common health complaints with gentle herbs. Join herbalist and therapist Holli Richey in a class that will include plant walks, herbal medicine making and an overview of  the ecological pattern of health and disease.

Simple spearmint infusion.
Simple spearmint infusion.

An Herbal Approach to Healing Chronic Heath Complaints such as Inflammation and Stress

Stress provokes the neuro-endocrine-immune systems, and over time can cause an imbalance which looks like a chronic health condition. This class will focus on how to assess the impact of stress and inflammation on the body, and how to return to balanced homeostasis using an ecological approach to herbs. We will also focus on Supporting our Gut–Brain Axis: Herbs for mental and digestive health. The gut (the enteric brain) is considered by some as the secondary brain, and even perhaps the primary brain. This class will focus on herbs that support GI and brain/mood health–and interestingly enough there are a lot! Nature is telling us something.

At the Chattanooga Arboretum & Nature Center:   Contact CANC for details and registration.    $60

2 thoughts on “An Herbal Approach to Healing Chronic Heath Complaints such as Inflammation and Stress

  1. garnetchapin 02/21/2013 — 2:52 pm

    I tried to sign up for your Feb. 23rd event, but they said it had been cancelled. Garnet

    1. Thanks, Garnet. It would have been great to have you in the class. We needed a minimum enrollment. Apparently, we didn’t get the word out in enough time. This winter herbs class will now be toward the end of the year; perhaps Nov. So the first class will be April 27th.

      I plan to go to Rock Town, now. : )

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