Therapeutic Intensives

Sometimes it’s more helpful to create transformational shifts when you experience therapy as a weekend or week intensive, rather than small amounts spaced out over time. Whole Idea Healing offers weekend sessions where you can stay in simple bedroom accommodations at the office site. The office is in an old house where I have provided a bed and bathroom upstairs. Restaurants and coffee shops are steps away from the front door. Therapy sessions include several 90 minute sessions of EMDR, mindfulness and Schema Therapy, a health work-up with botanical formulas included, and an optional addition of therapy out in nature. Sessions that run from Friday to Saturday are $2400, or Saturday to Sunday are $1550. If interested send me an inquiry on the contact page.

Simple Self-Led Mindfulness Meditation Retreat

Sometimes we need to just be in a different space with few distractions to reset and clear out some of the clutter in our heads. Whole Idea Healing has a room where you can sit to meditate, read and write, rest and sleep. A full bathroom is adjacent to the bedroom. Room accommodations are in an urban setting with quick access to nature. Just steps from the front door of the house on Main Street are relaxing coffee shops, delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner options. And within minutes of the house are 10,000 acres of National Forest on Lookout and Signal Mountain with miles and miles of hikes to commune with nature on mindful contemplation walks. One may either come up with their own schedule, or may opt to have downloadable guided meditations provided by Holli Richey, with a suggested schedule and recommended hikes. If interested send me an inquiry on the contact page.

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