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Holli Richey, LCSW, RH(AHG) is a trauma-informed, mindfulness-based psychotherapist and clinically-trained herbalist whose toolbox includes EMDR, mindfulness meditation and coping skills, hypnosis, ecotherapy, and botanical medicine blends. Holli’s knowledge of herbal medicine combines the traditional use of herbs with current scientific research to assure quality, safety and efficacy.
Whole Idea Healing office at 513 E Main Street, Chattanooga, TN 37408

What are Sessions Like?

Coming from a holistic perspective, Consultations focus on the health of your whole person, mind-emotions-body-spirit.

We begin wherever you are, with the goal being your highest and best. On the first session, we just get the lay of the land, your personal geography, habitat, ecosystem. We create a map, a plan, for where we go next, what needs you have that need to be addressed first.

We sometimes start with nourishing the body. Herbs, food, and simple lifestyle changes can make gentle, yet profound, shifts in a person’s health. Since the body is the portal to wisdom, we do more than just nourish and nurture it. We use mindful awareness to notice what is showing up in the body because all emotions have a location in the body. Trauma can get stored in the body. Becoming aware of somatic body sensations allows insight and healing to be possible. I might also refer you to additional body support, like acupuncture, massage, physical therapy or for functional medicine lab tests.

We sometimes start with nurturing the emotions. Emotional distress can create chaotic volatility, like landmines or volcanoes. Or emotional patterns can impose walls of resistance like a fog, or feeling like you’re stuck in quicksand. We work together with compassionate inquiry, mindfulness and therapeutic models called Schema Therapy, DBT, EMDR, Interpersonal Neurobiology and Memory Reconsolidation to understand how the emotional patterns serve(d) the system and then help you to embody new, more effective patterns for living.

And we sometimes start with cultivating the mind. Thought patterns can really trick us into thinking a particular perspective is going to bring us success, or keep us safe, or make us happy, but they actually guarantee the opposite. Introducing mindfulness skills into your daily life can increase your ability to notice and catch those tricky thoughts that are like trailheads, where you go down a trail that never ends where it promises it will. Rather than having them lead you down those same disappointing trails, with mindfulness you can choose not to go down that trail. And actually, just being present with that understanding–that you don’t have to go down that trail–is an empowering freedom. It’s at this point that you can look around for new “trailheads” that look interesting and you would now prefer to explore.

Through the intention of holding space for the deep work of addressing emotional, self-defeating patterns that no longer serve, clients can find the insight and inner-strength needed to heal. It’s important to know that I hold compassion for all parts of you because all of those parts, even the parts that you may loathe and want to get rid of, are there for you on purpose, by design, as protectors. Also, know that sometimes my method of therapy is challenging and direct. I’m not a good fit for everyone. The first number of sessions you and I will see if we are, or if another therapist might be a better fit.

Clients have different goals, so length of therapy varies. Sometimes it’s a few weekly sessions to meet someone’s goal. Sometimes it’s several years of weekly or biweekly sessions to meet several goals.

About Herbs

Customized herbal formulas are blended by Holli Richey, and clients will receive their herbal formula after their consult, usually a day or two after, with instructions and guidelines. Holli uses the highest quality, practitioner-grade herbs available from sources who comply with Good Manufacturing Practices set by the FDA, and have quality and safety integrity. You do not have to buy your supplements from Whole Idea Healing.

Holli Richey has a Masters of Science degree in Herbal Medicine from Maryland University of Integrative Health (formerly Tai Sophia Institute), the first accredited graduate school in the United States to offer a masters degree in herbal medicine. She has studied with internationally recognized herbalists and naturopaths who continue to use an empowering, whole-person oriented approach to support wellness.

Herbs can come in capsules, powder, tea (infusion), decoction, tinctures, baths, steams, linaments, ointments, poultices, etc.

Session Fees and other Details

Sessions are $150 for the initial consult and $125 for follow-up sessions. I do not accept insurance and I do not offer sliding scales. Sessions are 50 minutes. If you want to book extra time, let me know in advance.

For virtual sessions, payment must be made prior to our session. My link for virtual sessions is doxy.me/holli. We may sometimes use Zoom, Facetime, or phone.

Missed sessions are anything that is a no show/ no call or cancelling in less than 24 hours. I will charge your credit card the full fee for a missed session. I really dislike doing that, but no shows not only impact me, they impact all of my other clients and future clients on a waiting list who could have taken that appointment. Please call, text or email 24 hours in advance. My scheduling software sends out automated text reminders. Please respond with confirmation or cancellation as soon as you get the reminder. If you wake up sick, or your child or animal is sick and needing your care, please tend to your or their needs instead of coming in. The missed appointment fee is waived.


The term for when therapy sessions come to an end is called termination, whether it’s due to a client meeting their goals or a need to end the relationship for other reasons. We work toward the day of termination when you meet your goals. Sometimes we need to prematurely terminate due to it not being a good fit. Some reasons for termination are: multiple missed appointments, not coming in for over a month without prior notice and agreement, not participating in your own healing journey outside therapy, or if either of us feels unsafe. Ideally, we have a conversation about reasons to terminate.

Therapeutic Intensives

Sometimes it’s more helpful to create transformational shifts when you experience therapy as a weekend or week intensive, rather than small amounts spaced out over time. Whole Idea Healing offers weekend sessions where you can stay in simple bedroom accommodations at the office site. The office is in an old house where I have provided a bed and bathroom upstairs. Restaurants and coffee shops are steps away from the front door. Therapy sessions include several 90 minute sessions of EMDR, mindfulness and Schema Therapy, a health work-up with botanical formulas included, and an optional addition of therapy out in nature. Sessions that run from Friday to Saturday are $2400, or Saturday to Sunday are $1550. If interested send me an inquiry on the contact page.

Simple Self-Led Mindfulness Meditation Retreat

Sometimes we need to just be in a different space with few distractions to reset and clear out some of the clutter in our heads. Whole Idea Healing has a room where you can sleep, sit to meditate, read and write. A full bathroom is adjacent to the bedroom. Room accommodations are in an urban setting with quick access to nature. Just steps from the front door of the house on Main Street are relaxing coffee shops, delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner options. And within minutes of the house are 10,000 acres of National Forest on Lookout and Signal Mountain with miles and miles of hikes to commune with nature on mindful contemplation walks. One may either come up with their own schedule, or may opt to have downloadable guided meditations provided by Holli Richey, with a suggested schedule and recommended hikes. If interested send me an inquiry on the contact page.

Fiddleheads are wild foods.
What do you notice? What do you see? Pay attention. Fiddleheads of Christmas Fern, Ellicot City, MD
Opening to expose the beauty within.
Opening to expose the beauty within. Magnolia, Athens, GA
Lichen Heart in moss at Rock Town, GA
I lichen this mossy heart. Rock Town, GA
Dancing with the daffodils at Cylburn Arboretum, Baltimore, MD
Dancing with the daffodils at Cylburn Arboretum, Baltimore, MD

We become more beautiful as we weather with age. Driftwood, South Carolina Coast
We become more beautiful as we weather with age. Driftwood, South Carolina Coast
Be curious. Sarracenia, bog plant, Ithaca, NY

Nature, whether our human nature, nature we experience when we’re outside, or the nature we take inside through plant medicine, is all about relationship, being present, and paying attention to what we notice.

3 thoughts on “Holistic Therapy for the Mind & Body

  1. Holli, I wanted to buy the Japanese Knotweed for the resveratrol….produce it myself….it is very expensive in the vitamin stores….I don’t want to plant it but would like to find a source in Dallas, tx to purchase the shoots or just pick them….thanks, A.

  2. Enjoyed your Native Medicinal Plants course so much. Thanks for all the info.

    1. Thank you, Judy. I enjoyed meeting you, too! I wish you luck in the Native Plant certification course.


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